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Software Migration

Migration of software is generally faster, cheaper and of better quality than development of new applications. On account of our years of experience with automated code migration, we are a reliable partner for migrating your existing application programs.

The most common reasons for the new development of business applications are:

  • ensuring maintainability
  • sustainability
  • implementing new functionality
  • performance aspects

They all have in common that a major part of the existing IT infrastructure is reprogrammed in the new architecture. The migration of the existing logics to the new system is better and faster.

Infolytic boasts more than 15 years experience with migration of source code and data management systems on the basis of automated tools. We move applications from platform A to B. The differences may lie in environments, operating systems, languages used, development environments, and/or data management systems.

Our aim is to automate the migration process as much as possible. A mechanized transition offers the advantage of being testable and repeatable. Any migration step can be documented and logged for monitoring which ensures a reproducible process. This automated migration is guaranteed by our tools and those of our partners.