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Software Development

We offer client-specific software development with modern technologies and architectures. Two teams of experts cover archives & libraries and software migrations.

The archives & libraries team is concerned with specific software requirements, especially with search engines and the multitude of standards.

The software migration team distinguishes itself through the range of supported programming languages on the one hand and through the special migration strategies on the other.

Redesigning the Architecture

Historically-grown IT solutions that have been developed over many years exist in many companies. The development paradigms of a particular time can be recognized in the individual components. These solutions require extensive maintenance, and new developments are abandoned in favor of permanent maintenance.

A new development of the solution offers itself when an IT application has arrived at this point. We will support your business in this venture.

Our Approach

  • deciding on the architecture
  • working out a joint programming concept and guideline
  • deciding on the migration order
  • co-programming

The Result

  • continuous up-time
  • a new consistent and well documented solution
  • less maintenance and higher stability

Our Expertise

We possess more than 20 years experience in the analysis, further development and migration of existing software solutions.

Infolytics AG adjusts to the processes in your business during migration or the new development of applications.

Programming Process Models

We work with the agile process model following Scrum with several certified Scrum Masters, as well as with the classical approach following the V Model. Our staff are trained in and certified for the following process models:

  • SCRUM / Agile Development
  • V-Model XT
  • Prince II
  • Test Driven Development
  • Rapid Prototyping

Documentation Driven Development

One of our distinctive features is that we place documentation and the user manual at the beginning of the development process. We derive our concepts, the user manual and the tests that way. Thus documentation ranks high and is viewed as a product of its own. This ensures the quality of the user documentation to be above average.

Programming Languages

As a long-established software company, our staff have experience with numerous programming languages, from machine languages to classical, procedural languages right up to modern, object-oriented languages.

Infolytics AG supports your new developments and software migrations in the following programming languages:

Object-Oriented Languages

  • Java, Java EE, JavaScript
  • C#, vb.NET, VB
  • C++

Procedural Languages

  • C
  • ABAP

Machine Languages

  • Assembler

Markup and Description Languages

  • HTML4
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • XML, XSLT, XPath

Script Languages

  • JavaScript
  • Perl