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10 Years of Partnership with SAP

Infolytics AG has been associated with SAP through a longstanding development and service partnership. Infolytics is an official SAP Solutions & Technology Partner.

Infolytics developers are closely integrated into the SAP network, some of them formerly as SAP employees. In various development and maintenance projects on SAP base components they function as external team members, thereby working directly on SAP’s own IT infrastructure. Infolytics experts furthermore provide “SAP Remote Consulting” services as part of “SAP Deployment Services”.

The partnership with SAP comprises three core areas:

  • Support of the SAP business unit IMS (Installed Systems, Maintenance & Support) in maintenance of products released into “Maintenance” status
  • Support of SAP customers in operation of MaxDB databases and in preparing and executing R/3 database migrations
  • Cooperation in development of new products (e.g. Teradata Foundation for SAP NetWeaver® BW)

We offer support for these essential SAP base technologies:

  • SAP ITS migrations
  • (Web)SAPConsole
  • SAP Business Server Pages (BSP)
  • SAP MaxDB