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Mobile DB Monitor

Infolytics Mobile DB Monitor (MDBM) is a tool for monitoring the online status of any database, the filling levels of their data and log files, the processor and main memory loads of servers, as well as other relevant parameters.

You can download and use Infolytics Mobile DB Monitor for SAP MaxDB right now (free download from our website).

We wish to provide a brief overview for you in the form of key points of the Mobile DB Monitor architecture and the functionality of its components. This is followed up by elucidating some details of implementation.

Two-Component Architecture

Mobile DB Monitor consists of two components, a sensor which checks the condition of the database and a Web service which provides the status reports for external clients in HTML5 pages.

The sensor

  • determines the state of the database
  • uses its own routines and the monitoring tools of the database system
  • disposes of polling intervals for routines that can be configured individually
  • condenses and processes data
  • writes status reports in files

The Web service

  • has no access to the database
  • reads the status reports from the file system
  • and with these generates HTML5 pages any compatible client can access.

The documentation for Infolytics Mobile DB Monitor (currently only available in German) can be downloaded here.