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Toolbox for High-End ETL Requirements

Companies have to repeatedly face the challenge of consolidating and standardizing data in a target system that originated from various sources. To that end a flexible solution is desirable that is not „hard-coded“ but instead adapts itself to any source systems. Infolytics has developed InfoStar as such a solution.

InfoStar is a code-and-text generating tool with a generative approach. This means that anywhere data from numerous sources is to be collected and standardized, InfoStar generates a fully automated data feed, which is made possible by templates and the description of data and interfaces.

InfoStar is successfully being used as an ETL tool to set up and feed data warehouses.

InfoStar Fits as an Application

  • InfoStar offers an ETL entry layer for data warehouses
  • after customizing, packaging is easy to realize
  • transferability of solutions is ensured by virtue of the adaptive and generative approach

Infostar Fits the Target Environment as it Is

  • platform-independent
  • a tool with low impact on resources
  • optimized for the leading RDBMS (SQL)
  • universal and works with all languages, operating systems and databases

Infostar Fits the Budget

  • not just financially but also timewise
  • it requires only little training
  • the rapid development of one's own processes is easy to realize

InfoStar's generative approach makes it an adaptable tool. You can download our product brochure for a detailed description here.