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Languages have a grammar that determines which expressions are permitted, i.e. make meaningful units of speech, and which are not. This applies to spoken languages among people as much as to programming and database languages. As meaningful and necessary as grammars are, as complicated and confusing they may often appear.

To avoid redundancies, rules are frequently nested within rules in grammars. This means that the dissolution of a single rule frequently requires a significant research effort.

This is when you need a better overview and Infolytics has created a tool to that purpose: GrammarToGraph

GrammarToGraph Visualizes Structures and Interrelationships

GrammarToGraph enables you to represent any number of context-free grammars (aka Type 2 grammars) in diagram form. Here the rules nested within a rule can be expanded. This permits not only to retain the complete overview but also helps you to create valid expressions.

A Tool for Visualization of Context-Free Grammars

GrammarToGraph permits to introduce clarity to the sometimes labyrinthine complexity of a language as it visualizes individual rules and thus provides a graphic overview of the entire grammar.