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Tools for Developers and Administrators

Infolytics provides developer tools for Pattern Match Services, data and sorce code migra­tion and for application development. Database systems Adabas D, MaxDB and Tera­data.

Infolytics has developed multiple software solutions – both on behalf of its clients and for own purposes.

These software products share a common characteristic: they offer individual solutions which can be affiliated to a general approach.

Each product comprises decades of experience.

Here are some of our products:

  • PMS (Pattern Match Service) for software migrations
  • InfoStar, an adaptive ETL-tool

PMS (Pattern Match Services)

With PMS formal texts, such as 3G languages, JCL and SQL are easily disassembled and transformed.

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Generating of code and text using a generative approach. Ideal if you want to merge and unify data from numerous sources.

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