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Quick Support Anytime

SAP AG offers helpdesk support for SAP MaxDB only in connection with usage as a runtime database for the SAP Business Suite. In contrast, our helpdesk offer is geared toward users who use MaxDB for applications outside the SAP world.

Our MaxDB helpdesk is available to users of the SAP MaxDB Community Edition as to license holders of the Infolytics SAP MaxDB Enterprise Edition. To the former, this is currently the only option for professional support for the free SAP MaxDB edition. Enterprise Edition license holders are covered for helpdesk support as it forms part of the obligatory software maintenance contract.

SAP MaxDB users with helpdesk support can report special incidents around the clock by email or fax. The additional telephone hotline is also available during office hours. All reported cases are entered in our ticket system and are continuously monitored until the the problem is solved. As a last resort, Infolytics can fall back on SAP's own Last Level Support for SAP MaxDB to provide an appropriate solution to complex problems.

We are happy to provide detailed information about the scope of services, prices and conditions for helpdesk support upon request.