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About Us

Technology Forge with Focus

Infolytics AG with its seat in Cologne, Germany is a highly specialized software house. For more than 17 years, we have been dealing with project-based developments of machine-oriented software and application programming.

Our areas of expertise comprise

  • the further development and porting of database systems and their support
  • the development of Java application programs on behalf of clients
  • porting of any software beyond the limits of hardware platforms, operating systems, databases and programming languages.
  • ETL projects in large data warehouse environments
  • second and last level support for SAP GUI and SAP database technologies

Alongside software developments for clients, our team has always been dealing with research questions. The subjects of research include

  • pattern matching methods
  • innovative HTML viewing technologies
  • tools for Avatar-based 3D presentations

Around 20 experienced developers are currently employed at Infolytics.